Panda Security

Performance Impact
When you see Netflix or surf the internet, your antivirus software works quietly in the background. To do so, it requires some funds for your apparatus. And depending on the number of resources needed, this can slow down your device.

AV-Test and AV-Comparatives both run performance tests to discover how much each antivirus impacts your device. Some are barely noticeable, where others have large effects.

Panda’s performance scores are right on the market average. Notice: Panda is just tested by AV-Comparatives, not by AV-Test. In addition to that, it’s only tested on Windows 10. We have no information for Android or Mac.

Devices & Features
We examine which working software the antivirus protects, and which features it provides. But just a couple of work with iOS.

IOS could be a safer platform, but its users may still benefit from a (free) VPN, anti-phishing tools, and anti-inflammatory tools. Beyond the supported operating applications, we also assess which attributes are offered for each device. Examples that can lift a score area (limited) free VPN as offered by BitDefender and Panda.

Nearly all of its security features are only available here. These include the firewall, wifi protection, USB scan, parental controls, identity and ransomware protection, password manager, cleanup tool, and free VPN.

For Mac, Panda provides a much more basic bundle: Only the virus scanner. For Android, things are a lot better and this is also the main reason Panda scores so high in this class.

Panda’s antivirus for Android not only gives the standard app-scan, it really provides you the ability to scan documents and multimedia on demand. That’s a step further than most antivirus for Android go.

In addition to that, Panda provides a free VPN, speed optimizer, call blocker, program lock, and an innovative anti-theft application.

For iOS, there’s an app in the Apple Store, but Panda does not even feature it on its site. Overall, Panda’s strongest defense is on Windows and Android. They not only provide insight into the product quality but also customer service.

Sadly, businesses have discovered that consumer reviews are a powerful marketing tool and a few efforts to control them for their own profit.

User Reviews
This makes it difficult to know which user testimonials to trust. We’ve examined the information from TrustPilot and the Google Play Store. Trustpilot is the leading independent consumer review site, along with the Google Play Store has the largest collection of software-focused user reviews on the planet.

Value for Money
We then compare this to the offers by another antivirus.

Not only is its own defense topnotch and does it have excellent consumer reviews, additionally, but it also features a selection of terrific bonus tools like a password manager, parental control, and free (150mb daily) VPN.

And above all in this class; its cost is extremely competitive.

False Positives
When antivirus attempts to protect you, they sometimes mistake a benign program for malware. The evaluation labs, AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, enroll how often antivirus makes these errors.

As an example, as soon as your antivirus blocks a program that you’re trying to use since it believes its malware. Panda flagged a surprisingly substantial number of clean files as false positives, scoring below the market average.

Notice: Panda is just tested by AV-Comparatives, not by AV-Test. In addition to that, it’s only tested on Windows 10.