Kaspersky Antivirus is a well-known and recognized brand which stands out there for approximately 20 years. It features many essential features for being a good antivirus of your choice. Kaspersky does not hang behind the leaders of this industry; it’s a powerful product on its own terms.

Still, the series of scandals and suspicions around Kaspersky’s title affects the total trust of users and specialists. Reputation is something that takes decades for advancement. Thus, we want Kaspersky to conquer the scandals and leave them before and never return.

Kaspersky Security Features
Kaspersky Antivirus is your Kaspersky’s entry-level and the lowest-priced plan. The most prominent advantage of the Kaspersky Anti-Virus package is real-time protection. Additionally, you can set unique scans that will detect the malware and handle it.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus provides you baseline protection from many threats, including worms, rootkit, spam, phishing, and trojans. It’s available for different platforms but has its limitations. If you want full coverage and security, then it’s much better to test out more innovative plans that the company offers you.

Malware Protection
We can consider Kaspersky among the pioneers of malware protection. It shows the least cases of false positives shown in independent tests. We conduct our tests, using a folder with malware samples and determine if Kaspersky can recognize them and block those samples.

Up to now, it was able to detect and block nearly 90 percent of the samples. Kaspersky guarantees real-time security with its scan options which you can run any time. We urge you not to bypass regular and mandatory scans, from a complete scan to a daily quick scan of your PC. Its file antivirus keeps your personal computer file system from any diseases, it runs upon startup of the OS and stays working in the computer’s RAM. Files antivirus will scan every file on your system, either it’s open, saved, or found on your device.

Kaspersky uses the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) cloud and heuristic algorithms. It means your PC or notebook is protected from threats that aren’t yet recorded in the malware database. Kaspersky identifies suspicious and unusual behavior even before it can detect the danger.

Kaspersky shows high benefits in malware detection, block, and elimination from the SE-Labs October-December test. Yet, it fought in AV-Comparative’s performance, demonstrating 99.1% outcome. We are more than thrilled for more updates in the forthcoming 2020 evaluations by the most renowned labs.

Kaspersky malware security finds vulnerabilities in the system and recovers already damaged documents. It can detect USB key-based malware and prevent the attack from being performed in a matter of seconds.

Ransomware Protection
You will know that ransomware is among the most pestering kinds of viruses. It’s a Trojan that modifies your information, steals it, and then needs the ransom. Often these stories do not end up well unless you’re Liam Neeson in Taken series.

Kaspersky provides ransomware protection, both contained in the program subscription and as a separate free tool. Kaspersky promises their ransomware tool is GDPR prepared, and you can trust it with your own data.

Ransomware tools can block both the local and distant attempts to encrypt your information. Irrespective of where the attack comes from, you can make certain nobody will steal your information.

It’s compatible with other antivirus software and functions without interruption if Kaspersky were not your first solution. We believe it’s a significant milestone for such a company to make a tool that could be used with other brands. Kaspersky anti-ransomware detects, blocks, and removes not only the malware but also crypto-miners software, such as adware, pornware, and riskware objects.

As an application element, ransomware detection can also be based on recognizing suspicious code behavior. As an example, Kaspersky instantly blocks the program when ransomware attempts to encrypt or change in the system registry. It uses the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) cloud solutions and heuristic algorithms, the technology that upgrades and prevents software yet unrecognized in the database to make any modifications.