Ideal Dog Breeds for Cat Parents

It can be difficult to establish friendships with a picky cat, mainly when the prospective companion is a drooling dog anxious to discover his new home as well as get up close and personal with his cautious roommate. Many households are a perfect match with them, but don’t be concerned about it if you have a dog and cat.

Cat lovers who want to bring a dog into their home must be prepared to work hard to select a pet that is friendly to cats. Dogs with a laid-back temperament and the desire to learn desirable behaviors from their owners make the most beautiful pet companions.

Best Canines for Feline Lovers

Less energy, less hunting drive, less chasing, less barking, and the ability to train are traits that help dogs get along with cats. Though every dog and cat is distinct, we’ve created a list of the best dog breeds for cats that tend to display a variety of desirable features.

1. Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are often called the “golden baby” of many pet owners and are among the first dog breeds that come to mind when thinking about dog breeds that are friendly to families. Their friendly, gentle nature extends to all the other animals in the animal kingdom. In awe of the opportunity to please their owners, goldens are easy to train and generally allow other pets to join the home.

These wonderful girls and boys might go out of their way to become friends with the family cat and even engage in playtime with the cat if their new playmate permits it. Regular wellness exams are vital for your pet’s health. If you want to know more about it, you can visit this link.

2. Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador retriever made the best of the kennel’s list of top dog breeds in 1991. The adorable and energetic dog is a beloved pet who loves to play and share its endless energy to play with kids. Since they’re not aggressive in any way, they’re an excellent cat-friendly dog breed with the capacity to build relationships with the cat in the household. 

Facilities like the Anaheim Animal Care & Pet Hospital can help you with your veterinary needs and services. As pet owners, the help of a reputable vet is essential in maintaining your pet’s health and wellness.

3. Pugs

The pug’s gregarious nature can charm anyone who sees their crinkly, smoky noses and curly tails. So do not rule out the family cat. As with their feline counterparts, Pugs enjoy snuggling on warm laps and enjoying a lazy lifestyle as their owners pamper them. The two breeds are comparable in size and weight, as little as 14 pounds. They also want the same sluggish pace enjoying z’s all day long. Be sure to have enough space in your lap to accommodate everyone.

4. Bulldogs

Bulldogs can be as silly as and girthy. Don’t be misled by their muscular physique and intimidating looks. Bulldogs often have had to compete against a “panther” or “wildcat” at the court or the field and have no problems with cats other than sports and might be a great friend to your cat as well for your kids. If you have a cat wellness plan, it is also important to have one for your dog. The proper care for both pets are similar, as they would both require regular visits to the vet. 

5. Basset Hounds

Even though the basset hound’s sensitive sniffers have seen many a basset pup hard following scent trails, cat owners do not need to worry about their pet being involved in the hunt. The basset hounds are usually more content when they are being with cats and other dogs instead of being left to themselves.

They’re the most difficult breed to teach since their focus is heavily influenced by the smells they inhale. If you allow them enough time and patience, they’ll ultimately learn to take the challenge.

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