Avira Antivirus solutions 2020

German security vendor Avira’s customer range begins with Avira Free Antivirus, an interesting product with a surprisingly lengthy feature list: antivirus, malicious URL filtering, PC optimization, VPN, and much more.

While the free product has a great antivirus engine, significant constraints include no scanning of downloads or email attachments, URL filtering via browser extensions only, and no customer support.

Some of the extras are not as impressive as they seem, either. The free version of the VPN, as an instance, limits you to a near useless 500MB per month, barely enough to run just one online speed test.

Updating to Avira Antivirus Pro gets you scanning of downloads, torrents and cloud storage, automatic checks of USB devices, an excess layer of ransomware protection, quicker cloud scanning, system-wide URL filtering, and ‘Premium’ customer support. Pricing seems a fraction high at $45 for a 1 apparatus, one-piece license, but that is large because there’s no introductory discount. There is better worth as you expand your subscription, so for example a 3 apparatus, a one-year permit is a reasonable $58.

Avira Internet Security Suite provides a software updater and Avira’s own password manager.

Avira Internet Security is available for $58 for a one-year, one-device permit, or $71 to cover three devices. Just like Antivirus Pro, there is no reduction, and it seems a bit overpriced for the feature you are getting.

Avira Prime delivers the best value in the range, with its yearly five-device license costing $100. That gets you everything in Internet Security, also premium Android and iOS programs, Avira’s hugely powerful PC speedup package, and, crucially, unlimited usage of Avira’s Phantom VPN Pro. It is far from the best VPN we have seen (check out our whole review here) but it covers the fundamentals and is worth $78 on its own.

Overall, if you can live with Avira Free’s limitations or utilize Prime’s VPN, these seem like the pick of the range. Avira Antivirus Pro and Internet Security can not compete.

If you can not make your mind up, or you are simply not ready to commit, Avira Prime includes a 30-day trial, and all goods are available on a monthly subscription (one device is priced at $5 for Antivirus Guru, $6 for Internet Security, $10 for Prime.) That is an unusual but welcome touch that gives time to work out. The Prime plan is a reasonable price, too Рmany VPN providers charge more than $10 for a monthly plan independently.

Avira Antivirus Pro installed easily for us, without the technical hassles of any sort, not even a reboot today!

The Antivirus Guru interface clearly exhibited our security status, with four buttons highlighting its active security modules (Real-Time, Ransomware, Internet, and Email protection). It is all very simple, and one glance tells you everything you will want to learn.

A Quick Scan button opens a simple check of your system or clicking Scan on the left sidebar screens buttons to run a complete system scan, or launch a custom scan to look at a particular region of the system.

Picking a custom scan in most antivirus apps leads to a prompt asking you that folder or drive you to want to check. Avira gives you a lot more choices, with predefined scans to assess your Documents folder, the Windows folders, removable drives, active processes, and more. You can also save custom scans to check certain drives and folders, which makes it easier to remember them later.

You’re unable to define these custom scans operate (file types to test or ignore, detection methods to use, and so forth ), as possible with Avast and others. Avira’s strategy is an improvement on what we usually see, however, and manages to provide more scanning control to specialist users, while keeping everything very easy to use for everyone else.

AV-Comparatives’ Real-World Protection Test regularly checks 16 top antivirus engines contrary to the very latest malware threats.

The July-October 2018 summary report found Avira at a really impressive first place, blocking 100% of dangers and increasing only one false positive. (To put this in perspective, Windows Defender attained 9th place with a 99.3% detection rates and an extremely large 58 false positives.)

AV-Test’s November-December Home User Windows report was not quite as striking, with Avira blocking’just’ 99.4percent of zero-day malware in 1 test. It reached 100% in the other three tests, however, enough to have a 6/6 score and be awarded Avira’s Top Product award.

As Avira Antivirus Pro claims to have top-quality ransomware detection, we decided to put the program from our own customized ransomware simulator. This is extremely basic and does not utilize any stealthy malware suggestions, but as we coded it ourselves, we knew it would not be in Avira’s signature database. The only way the bundle could detect our threat was by recognizing its behavior.

We found our ransomware simulator, then watched as it successfully spidered through multiple folders in our evaluation folder tree, encrypting over 6,000 files and data files, without Avira Antivirus Pro raising any alarm or making any effort to spot it.

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This is not exactly what we wanted to see. In our past testimonials of Kaspersky and Bitdefender, for example, the programs not only was able to discover and kill our evaluation applications, but they also recovered the handful of files our simulator managed to encrypt.

We believe our ransomware simulator is a fantastic way to emphasize tools with effective malware detection, but failing the evaluation does not necessarily indicate a bundle is bad.

The truth is that our ransomware simulator was not real malware, and there is no way to be entirely certain why Avira Antivirus Pro dismissed it. This issue must be an issue, but the truth is that AV-Comparatives and AV-Test regularly test Avira’s engine against known and brand-new threats, and in these more thorough tests, the program performs very well.

Browse Avira’s Modules list and you will discover an On/ Off switch for a firewall, but do not get your hopes up, this is not how it appears. There’s no excess network protection here, it is just an alternate interface to the Windows firewall.

This does not do very much, beyond make it fractionally easier to turn the firewall off or on, and tweak a small number of configurations for your network profiles. Accessing some of the more attributes – setting program rules, for example – only opens the regular Windows firewall dialogs. If you really must take charge of the Windows firewall, then you would be better off learning how to find your way around the normal interface.

Avira’s Launcher allows installing other free tools, but a few are cut-down versions of additional Avira goods, and they are all available individually, whether you purchase Avira Antivirus Guru or not.

However, the Avira launcher does make them simple to install and install, and a few of the apps may be useful. A simple password manager stores your logins and syncs them across your devices, as an example. And Avira’s Privacy Pal allows customizing key Windows privacy preferences and contains a file shredder to wash your confidential documents.

Final verdict
Avira Antivirus Pro has an excellent detection engine, but likely doesn’t have sufficient functionality to warrant using it rather than the free edition. Even if you’re delighted to cover, opponents like Bitdefender give you more for a very similar price.

Avira Internet Security is a package of products that includes Avira Antivirus Pro, Software Updater Pro, and Password Manager Pro.

Avira’s Software Updater Pro is an easy-to-use patch manager that regularly checks for missing program upgrades, and can automatically install anything it finds. There is nothing for you to download, and you won’t find any installer apps.

Avira’s Password Manager Pro generates secure passwords, automatically fills in login forms for you, and syncs new credentials across all of your devices.

If you are utilized to security suites that have a firewall, parental controls, perhaps a spam filter, then this could seem a bit underpowered.

However, if patch management and passwords are top of your priority list, it may be worth giving the package a closer look.

Software Updater Pro
Avira’s Software Updater Pro asserts it automatically upgrades’ over 150 programs’, which is less than many competitors. The freeware Patch My PC updates over 300, others can manage many more. Software Updater’s record is well-chosen, however, and covers some very important programs and components: .NET, Acrobat Reader, CCleaner, Google Chrome, Firefox, IrfanView, Java, Opera, Paint.net, TeamViewer, VLC Media Player, and upgrades for Windows and various Windows layers and components.

We installed some previous versions of supported programs, Software Updater discovered a decent 8 upgrades, and quietly downloaded and installed 7. It couldn’t automatically upgrade FileZilla, for some reason, but only getting an update alert was helpful, and Software Updater gave us a link to the FileZilla website where we could download and install it ourselves.

Software Updater can check for driver updates, too, though that’s not as useful. If it told you that your NVVHCI Enumerator driver was out of date, for example, what would you think? Could that be causing problems, in case you update it? Or is it the latest version that is compatible with another part of your system, and upgrading it would break your PC to the stage it would not even boot?

It is okay, we do not have the faintest idea, either. Software Updater’s driver side may still be helpful in that it might highlight a missing update that you can manually research further, but that is about it. The huge majority of people will be better off leaving driver service to Windows Update.

We’ve got some difficulties with Software Updater, then, but it is far better than the patch managers you will become bundled with most security suites. Most users will find some value from it, and if that is not you, you are an expert who hates this sort of instrument, no problem – you can use it for manual checks only (no automatic upgrades at all), or simply uninstall the module and concentrate on the rest of the package.